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Monday, May 2, 2011

Eight Years and Going Strong

Eight years ago, I married my best friend, my confidante, my soul mate. He is everything and more a woman could ever want in a husband, and he chose me. Well, truth be told had it not been for me arranging an introduction, he would have missed out on a good thing. But he didn’t. We have accomplished so much together and have much more to look forward to.

We take time out for one another and continue to go on dates together. We worship together at church inviting God into our relationship. We make time to talk to one another each night after the kids have been put to bed. We surround ourselves with good people. People who have the similar values as we do. We surround ourselves with other couples who value the institution of marriage and who often serve as our role models helping us to become role models for others. At times, we have had to make sacrifices in order to keep a healthy balance in our home and marriage. It wasn’t easy but necessary. Necessary for the marriage, the family, and each other. With every year of marriage we encounter new experiences and challenges. However, nothing can penetrate the foundation we have built. Nothing.

Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a great jumping the broom picture! I'm always to hear about the marriages that are making it work - each one teach one, people give up so easily on marriage these days. Love that you have date night too!



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