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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crystal "Mama Sox" Bowersox Make Toledo Proud!

Honestly, I couldn't tell you when the season finale of American Idol is on, but my guess is that it's this week or next. Simon Cowell is making his interview rounds, I heard on the radio yesterday that we're down to two contestants. of the top two is not only a mother, but she's from Toledo!! That's my hometown for those that don't know so I'm especially proud of Toledo being in the spotlight. The last time we were in the spotlight was during the last Presidential election when Joe the Plumber brought unwanted attention to the Glass City.

The airport is so small you can stand in one spot and see all 4 gates unless they improved it.

I happened to be in Toledo when she came to do her city tour. I didn't attend any of the festivities but did watch an interview or two when she received the key to the city from the Harley riding mayor. I guess everyone needs a gimmick to get elected, right? I haven't watched a full episode of AI because when I did watch a bit I was NOT impressed at all by the performances. I hate bad singing and bad performances not to mention the clothing/costumes were horrible. Anyhoo...I wish Mama Sox the best and bring it home, although I haven't called it home for 15 years. It's still home, though!

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