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Monday, April 12, 2010

Soccer: She Kicked The Ball!

Just because I'm married with children doesn't mean I can't have fun which is exactly what I did this weekend. Friday night included a field trip to Bloomingdales for their preview Home sale which ultimately ended up a bust, so we're back to the drawing board and will be checking out the internet for bedding. Suggestions are welcome!

Saturday included the usual early morning soccer game. I stayed home with the baby since we have banned him from future games due to disorderly conduct. I felt a little bad because I want her to see all of her family on the sideline cheering her on. Maybe we'll try to come as a family this weekend. I hear my daughter threw the ball in and got a kick in. People, we are making progress if you remember how the first game went down. Monday last week, we took her to a soccer clinic in which she showed very little interest. Partly because the clinic was taught by men, and men she didn't know. She's always been a little skeevy about men to begin with and now here is a man whose intimately close to her teaching her how to kick. After a little prodding from me I kept encouraging her to do what he asked. She was still a bit skeeved but followed directions and she got through it.

On Wednesday she had practice which also went well. I did have to tell her to stop picking with her nails while everyone is running after the ball. I got a little chuckle from the sidelines which was not my intention. While the other kids took water breaks and actually drank water, my daughter ran toward the jungle gym. I'll post a pict so you can see the temptation she faces each practice. It is a nice playground which is a great diversion for my son as well.

We have practice again today and Wednesday. Funny how we were told practice would be Tuesdays each week which then turned into Wednesday's with a soccer clinic weekly on Monday and/or Sunday. A bit more than what I signed up for but we'll do what we can when we can. I just don't want to wear her, or me, out with all these practices during the week. It's just a game, right?

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