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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lounge+Game Room+ Club = Fun, Fun, Fun!

I'll eventually get around to posting Part 2 of our day but for now....Part 3 of Saturday's festivities included giving daddy his birthday gift which was a Classic 3 Razor Shaver from The Art of Shaving. He used it for the first time today and said he's never had a closer shave. I think it made him feel grown up too! The clerk also threw in free samples and the purchase came with a complimentary copy of this month's Esquire Magazine.

Classic 3 Blade Razor by Art of Shaving

I was surprised to see that a few women's products were available in the store too.

A few items for us ladies

A few more value sets for the ladies

After leaving the Long Island Homeshow we hustled home to do a quickchange to meet some of my husband's school friends in Manhattan to celebrate his birthday. This was so last minute but so much fun. We went to 675 Bar in Chelsea where the club had semi private game rooms. People were dressed up and playing fooz ball, Jenga, Sorry and PAC Man to name a few. Cocktails were weak/strong depending on who you asked. We even sampled chocolate covered bacon! It was kind of gross but I wanted to try it anyway. It was NOT a hit at our table. It took a few chews to taste the bacon which was bland. The chocolate wasn't good either. Maybe if they had used Ghiradelli....yum!

The DJ kicked in about 11p or so. One of the first songs was Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear it For the Boys" from the movie Footloose. Most of the room didn't recognize the tune but our group smashed it singing all the lyrics. We stood out but so what. I felt a bit old. The DJ played Chubb Rock, Michael Jackson, Madonna, a little rock, etc. If you're an 80s baby you would have loved it!

Olivia and I made this cake for daddy. Nothing fancy...or perfect but perfect for Daddy. I need to work on my "R's," huh?

We had a fabulous weekend, busy, but fabulous. Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible. You know who you are!

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