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Monday, April 12, 2010

Soccer Saga: I. Am. Frustrated.

This is absolutely frustrating! I took my daughter to a soccer clinic run by professionals. I mean Beckham wasn't there but nonetheless they were pros at one time. The clinic is during our dinner time and at any moment I'm expecting the kids to turn into Gremlins. I do have snacks but they pale in comparison to baked chicken, Mac n cheese, and green beans.

As we near the field, she asks if the men will be there. I glance onto the field and there they are. Great. She has this thing with unknown men where she just doesn't want to be around them. We have a few friends from church she will barely look at.

After three attempts to get her onto the field I'm ready to call it quits. I bribe her and say, "If you don't play you don't get the Princess Presto doll you've been begging me for."

It worked a bit to the point of her making two steps toward the field. But that was it. I'm totally frustrated partly because I didn't dress for the coolness, and a 2 day/week activity has turned into 3 to 4 days now which means this drama may take place each time. It would be easier if hubby were here but he can't get to practice in time after work.

Anyhow I was through when she threw a fit and started to cry. I was a bit embarrassed and ready to leave. Instead I called my husband. He said to stay and let her watch. That's the only reason I stayed. Our marriage is a partnership/teamwork even when we don't fully agree on everything. He thinks team sports are important. I think the arts are important. He's right when it comes to teamwork. We are going to stick this through to the end. We're not quitters.

So the clinic ends and we start walking to the car. What happens? She starts to whine and says she doesn't want to leave and now wants to play. I give up. I wonder if Beckham started out this way....

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