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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 Party or Not 2 Party...That is the Question

I'm on the fence about giving my son a party on June 27, which also happens to be my father's birthday, when he turns two. At this stage, the only friends he has are our friends who have children. Those who have children are about a year younger than he is and aren't as mobile as he is. Most are just turning one and can't keep up with my little agressive runner and jumper. I think most moms will have a heart attack if they see my son running towards their little one.

So as I ponder and discuss with hubby, here are a few items I found on Etsy. LOVE their stuff. It's a website that hosts multiple designers from everywhere with different talents in various areas. Enjoy!

This would be great for a Pirate themed party.

Popcorn would be a great party favor....when he turns 10. Now it's a choking hazard.

How coincidental that this tag has my daughter's name on it! A bowling party would be a great idea since it's in her blood. Grandma is an avid bowler!

Cute idea for a tricyle themed party.

Another cute idea for a Pirate party. This design is for cupcakes.

How adorable is this party invite? I'm not to excited about the colors though.

He LOVES ice cream. An ice cream social type dessert themed party could be a great idea.

This is perfect for an astronaut themed party. I'm actually planning to design one of his cubbies into a space ship. Can't wait to post photos of his room redo...when it actually happens.

Like most little boys, I'm sure he'll be into dinosaurs at some point in his life. This is ideal!

If you have any stationary websites to share, please do! Which one(s) do you like?

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