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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kiddy Humidifiers

Over the last few days my daughter has been a bit stuffy and congested. It could be a cold. It could be allergies. At her age of 4, over the counter meds aren't really suggested by medical professionals. So I brought out her Hello Kitty cool mist humidifier to help her breathe easier during the night. Okay, the truth is I brought it out for all of us to sleep better during the night. When one of the kids isn't feeling well, nobody sleeps. This is a great investment and it's eligible for reimbursement through your employer's FSA or Flexible Spending Account. We bought it from for just $39.99 but is also available at for $39. My son has this cute little Dragon humidifier that retails at for $30 and is $34.99 at I guess we should go to Walmart next time, huh?

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