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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer Issue Resolved

After an extremely hard week with the soccer saga, we finally realized what my daughter's issue was. She would willingly play in the games as well as practice. Where she simply would not cooperate was in the weekly soccer clinic. Why, you ask? Because it was run by men. Men with British accents who were a bit intimidating as other mom's would share their children's feedback with me, and a bit scary looking. I thought they were nice, but to a bunch of 3.5 - 4 year olds who were new to the soccer thing, they were not having it. My daughter would allow me to get her dressed for practice but the moment she realized we weren't going to Coach Liz's soccer game, all bets were off. She refused to hit the soccer field once she saw the men. This would frustrate me because it's a lot of hard work waking a child from a nap after school, getting her dressed while she's practically still sleeping only for her to refuse to participate. Not to mention I have a 22 month old who wants to run and play while I'm visibly frustrated with his sister.

My daughter has always had a thing with men to where she wouldn't look at them, and wouldn't speak with them ever since she was a tot. We have a few friends who wear locks and she won't look at them. She better get used to it because one is her brother's Godfather. She has always been very gender specific when it comes to things like boys play hockey but girls can only ice skate. My husband and I have yoga mats in the basement lying next to one another. She noticed this and assumed the pink one was mine. I bought a pink one not because of the

color but because of the clearance price. My fave color is actually purple. She was right but I wanted to know why she thought that. She said because I'm a girl and daddy is a boy. She periodically says that only girls can go with us, when she and I go somewhere, and boys aren't allowed because they're boys. Huh? My husband's friend said that there's a word/condition for this so I'm going to chat with her and see what I can find out. I really don't want my daughter growing up thinking girls can only do girly things and vs. versa. We live in a world where women can do pretty much everything a man can do, and better in many cases. I have work to do people.

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