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Friday, April 23, 2010

Field Trip: Dee's Nursery!

I have been trying to find ways to "pimp" my house from the inside out so what better reason is there to visit a nursery? This morning I took the offspring to Dee's Nursery for a little floral browsing. We visited the nursery back in the fall when they had a big bouncy thingy for the kids, a petting zoo, and much more. It was a pretty exciting first visit to the nursery for the kids as well as hubby and I. This time, sans the bouncy thingy, it was just as exciting.

How cute is this garden decoration?

As we walked in, the kids were excited to see all of the fountains and even stuck their itty bitty fingers in a few of them. I tried not to cringe and quickly reminded myself that it's what kids do. Madame Olivia told me that this and that was a Cherry Blossom. How did she know that?
I went with the task of finding hanging plants for the patio but realized it was still a bit chilly. If you hang them out too early in the season, the cold air can zap them and your wallet of $30/plant. So I mosied on over and found some ivy.

Dipping while no one is watching

I asked an employee if ivy grew in shady areas. He said, 'ivy will grow on your living room floor if you dropped it!' I thought that was pretty funny. That's the kind of plant for me! We have an extremely shady backyard which is home to a very large Oak tree. On the side of the house we have an area where grass just will not grow. As a former Brooklyn resident, I noticed many brownstones had ivy in their tiny front yards. The area was too tiny for a lawnmower, not that many Brooklynites could store one in their apts., but I remembered how nice it looked. So I bought four starter ivy pots for $4.99 each. If it grows as fast as they say then four is all I need right? We'll see!

The kids loved this tree! A bit on the borderline of scary but the smile made it better.

Love the name of the company that grows these. Hort Couture! They're on blogger too!

I look forward to sharing before and after photos of our backyard. Stay tuned!

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