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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marriage: Year 3

Olivia's 1st dance recital - June 2009 (year #5 in the background)

Sorry for the delay but the joys of year three (on my lap) and year five (in the background) have seemed to have taken over my life today.

During year three, we decided that it was time to start a family. It took some persuading on my part because after all, I'm a few years older than hubby. I didn't want it to be an at-risk pregnancy for both pregnancies so I was ready. Or so I thought. We took a trip 10-day trip to Italy where we took in the sights, smells, and sounds of Rome, Venice, Florence, and Rome again. What a beautiful trip that was. I have realized that I love to learn about history now but not back in high school, and here I was in Rome. I have photos but I don't think we were using digital then because I can't seem to locate the photos.

Olivia - around 2 years old

We spent a few days in Venice which was my favorite. I think we actually spent my birthday in Venice which to me was the most romantic place of the entire trip. I also believe it was there our daughter was conceived. I know TMI, but it is relevant to her middle name which is Capri. We didn't like Venice so we went with Capri.

I knew the moment I was pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test just before hubby came home. When he walked in, I told him to go to the bathroom and check the "stick." When he looked at it, he came over to me and we just hugged and teared for a few moments. Our family was now growing.

The pregnancy was perfect with no complications. The only issue I remember having is the morning I went into labor. I had just stopped working so I could have two weeks of rest. Those last few weeks are a doozy! I was home one week, having been robbed of the second, when I woke to go to the restroom at 6 a.m. December 23, 2005. Minutes later I had to go again, only this time I couldn't control "it." Well, "it" wasn't what I thought "it" was. My water broke. What makes the day so memorable is that it was also the first day of the NYC transit strike. After I showered, curled my hair and put on makeup (I refused to look like those women on "Birth Day" on TLC or whatever show it was, we left. Traffic was ridiculous!!! Good thing we had a car and didn't have to depend on the subway or bus. Traffic was still backed up but we made it with hours to spare. I was in labor from 6:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. I think they slipped me something to speed up the process. After all it was two days before Christmas.

Having a baby changes everything. We were living in a tiny apartment where the living room was right next to the baby's room. We did our best to figure out this parenting thing. We didn't know what we were doing but we figured it out eventually.

Year #4 - Check back tomorrow!

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