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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Clothes Hamper

I'm back in the market for not one, but two clothes hampers. At the same time, both kid's hampers have called it quits. I had this hamper when my daughter arrived in 2005 and loved it before it started to crumble in my hands. A friend bought the same hamper, without knowing it's history, for my second child. The gift was so adorable I didn't have the hear to tell her it breaks apart piece by piece every time I pick it up. She put onesies inside of it which were attached to clothes pins on a string. When you pulled the onesies out of the hamper it looked as if the items were drying on a clothes line. Presentation was adorable!!

Burlington Basic BE Hamper and liner from Buy Buy Baby retails for $24.99
So again, the handles have crumbled to the point that we can no longer pick it up with ease. So we ended up buying this one for my daughter. It was cute, sturdy and pink. My last nanny refused to touch the kids clothes with her hands. Instead she would take the entire hamper to the basement. I don't know what happened after that but at some point the screw started coming out and one of the wooden arms/leg came loose. It collapses now and I got to the point where I tired of putting it back together. I guess I could glue the piece in.

Badger Basket Pink Wood Frame Hamper retails at Babies 'R' Us for $29.99

I'm back in the market for a new hamper. Any suggestions?

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