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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mommy Frustrations

Some days I wonder why I even have a blog. I would love to comment on everything I see in today's society but life dictates otherwise. Then I am reminded that with all of the hullabaloo of being a stay-at-home mommy of two under five, I remember. I need an outlet to release. I need to release the frustration of trying to teach a preschooler how to write her numbers and letters. I try to come up with memorable and fun ways to remember which way to move the pencil but apparently it isn't working. I am a mommy who wants her daughter to be the best at everything and apparently have forgotten that this is all new to her. But it's easy...isn't it? I think I'll call my mom and see how my two sisters and I absorbed this thing called writing. I remember being part of the better of the two reading groups in 2nd grade. I just don't remember the steps taken prior to me becoming a good reader. I'm sure my parents helped me but I don't remember their frustration. I wonder if my kids will remember mine?

A few days ago I posted on my FB page how important it is for a preschooler to color in the lines. Most of my friends said it's not important and to let kids be kids. One mom even went on to say she, the mom, still doesn't color in the lines, lol. However, over the summer I accompanied my then 4 year old daughter to a reading class at a local community college and observed a 5 year old whose coloring was superb. I was beginning to worry that my daughter will not be accepted into her Kindergarten class next year because of her not coloring in the lines. The school she attends is a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and she will be tested later this Spring on her abilities. Is this one I should worry about? Lately she's been doing much better and not just because I hover over her while she colors. I wonder if this intimidates her? I printed off a few coloring pages on for her to practice on and I'm proud to say she did an excellent job. She's even taking more time to color in the lines at school as well. I just asked her to try her best and that's exactly what I'm getting.

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