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Monday, January 10, 2011

An Inspirational Read for Your Daughter

While trying to place a very tardy order on for my daughter today, I came across this cute book. "Grace for President" caught my attention for many reasons. First, I am developing a program for girls entering middle and higCheck Spellingh school and am working on exposing young girls to the political process. More on that later. Second, it's a book that I want to purchase for my daughter because how often do you find a book with a little girl of color on the cover of a book with a Presidential theme? Last, today's news is all about the college student who senselessly murdered six people while attending a public event hosted by Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford. One of those murdered was nine year old Christina Taylor Green whose parents were supporting her new found interest in politics and took little Christina to meet Congresswoman Gifford. As Gayle King would say, special mommy and daddy hug to them for supporting their daughter's interests. With this support, Christina could very well have become one of America's finest Presidents, Congresswoman, U.S. Senator, you name it. I only hope parents across the country are working hard to support their children's dreams by exposing them to people, places, and things while expanding their horizons.

Click here to see background on the Warren, Michigan author who has also written, "Sandwich Swap," which encourages children to try different things such as cultural foods. We have this book which has been signed by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan herself. Remind me to tell you about THAT experience. I was honored to have been a sitting Queen. My daughter? Apparently, not so much.

I think DiPucchio is my new favorite children's author.

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