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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Back!

My head is still in a tailspin after working with my husband on his first political campaign for the last four months that I don't know where to begin! I decided to stop blogging just in case someone got wind of it and then decided to twist any info from my blog around to hurt his chances. Well, turns out that up until election weekend he as well as his opponent received very little press outside of the basic info which the press still managed to get wrong. I'll leave that for another day. I just hope you do your own fact checking on candidates before reading and believing everything you read in the newspapers which often get facts wrong. As a professional publicist I would know.

There are a few upcoming blogs I am excited to write about with the first being the weekend my husband and I spent the weekend after the election at Quintessentials Bed & Breakfast and Spa in East Marion, NY. What. A. Wonderful. Time! I am also planning what will be my daughter's final huge birthday party until she turns double digits and the difficult decisions that go into planning a party around the holidays. This Thursday, we are having guests for Thanksgiving and the pressure is on to NOT make anyone sick. I am planning to make a cherry cheesecake which I have been craving, and since Junior's Cheesecake is so far away I'm going to see if I can duplicate my mom's recipe she used to make years ago for our many church bake sales.

I have also decided to start a social group for girls who are entering into middle and high school which are two of the biggest times in a girls life. I want to help them with the transition period and help them realize their full potential by exposing them various opportunities at a young age. I have a history of directing pageants in two pageant systems with the most recent being Miss America. I love placing a crown on a girl's head but in the end I always felt bad that I couldn't give more than one girl a crown. I think all of our girls deserve a tiara/crown and by creating a program for girls I will be able to give them more than a trip to a state/national pageant. That doesn't mean I won't host a pageant as a fundraiser for the girls program. Once a pageant director, always a pageant director. It's in my blood. It's been two years since I've directed a pageant and the itch is getting to me.

The first blog will be coming soon which will include me sleeping in the same bed as Brad Pitt!

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