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Friday, June 25, 2010

Would You Rock This In The Board Room?

If the female CEO of McDonald's is okay with rocking these in the Boardroom, should other women? According to a post on The Stir, wearing red pumps is common amongst female executives. However, I can't help but wonder if there is a double standard amongst female executives and non female executives. If a subordinate came to work in ruby red stillettos, would she be perceieved as a floozy or on the leadership track? Your thoughts?

By the way, red is definitely a power color. Jan Fields is apparently a huge fan as her executive photo shows her wearing a red suit. I wonder if it is a St. Johns suit?


  1. I judged the Miss Arizona pageant last weekend. The woman who won wore a black suit in interview, and gorgeous cranberry red pumps. I remember both noticing them and commenting on them when she entered and exited the room. They made not only a favorable, but memorable impression and were very flattering. Ken

  2. I think it rocks. I would wear it whatever my job. It is just good taste, classy and fun. A lot of executives don't know how to dress. to tell you the truth.
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