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Monday, June 28, 2010

Potty Training: Week 2

Fisher Price Step Stool Potty - Babies 'r' Us

Last week's potty training progressed somewhat but I don't think we'll toss the diapers/Pull-Ups out just yet. My son did go in the potty once, and not on top of the potty, last week. Naturally we jumped around and celebrated his success. The potty we have plays a tune once liquid hits the potty bowl which can be fun. However, it's very sensitive and plays the tune if my son shifts his cheeks to the left or to the right. We may need to get him another one. Any suggestions?
Another tidbit I'll share with you is that boys seem to "ration" their urine. When he did a tiny tinkle we thought that was it, right? Wrong!! As soon as I put a Pull-Up on him, he practically filled it up. What's that about?
As I type this post, a little someone has just approached me and said, "Boo, boo," as he holds his tooshy in his hand. Hopefully we"ll be able to reverse this and he will say "boo boo" BEFORE he goes.

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