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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Michelle Obama Hosts 2nd State Dinner

I hope posting this video doesn't come back to bite me in the tooshie because I am preparing for a career as a protocol specialist/officer, but I will say's all about the grace and recovery. What I wish you could see was her in action while doing her job. What the video no longer shows you is her approaching the President of Mexico's limo, opening the car door, escorting he and his wife to the Obamas and officially introducing the couples to one another. I believe they were previously introduced during the official welcome ceremony but it appears as if an introduction is required at every meeting. Etiquette at it's finest.

Aren't the lovely? I can always appreciate a good roller set especially if it falls right at the shoulders. If it's too short then it's a bust. Love the color on FLOTUS but the bulge at her right arm pit tells me the dress is a little snug and possibly uncomfortable for her.

Gayle, I don't know how much longer I can believe that you and Mayor Booker are "just friends..." There's nothing wrong with a much younger man. Love, love, love the color on your caramel skin as you call it on the radio.

Attorney Eric Holder and his wife, Dr. Sharon Malone (mother of three)

The Obamas share an intimate moment just before the official arrival ceremony

Is this the SAME dress Gayle is wearing? It's gorgeous on both but Eva added a little accessory to it. What do you think?

Click here for more photos.

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