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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Michelle Obama Reveals Malia's Upcoming Laundry Chores

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Today's children have a sense of entitlement about them. I see that in my four year old daughter already. Her father and I are beginning to discuss how to handle this before it gets out of control. We usually get her what she wants but are beginning to teach her that if she does random acts of kindness, or eats all of her dinner, puts her dish in the sink, or picks up after herself she will get a silver star on the chart. Once she accumulates many stars we then grant her wish. She needs to know that she needs to work for what she wants. I do not want to raise a bratty child. I am not having that. My children will not embarrass me in public. Our children have more than we have ever had at this young age. They have TVs, XBox, IPods, cell phones, and lap tops in their rooms all before the age of 8. I also think it's time that my daughter starts doing household chores. While it's fun to mop or play like she's mopping, I want to ride the wave before she realizes she's doing a chore and assign her a daily task. No, I won't have her mop but she can do something like emptying a few small garbage cans, right? What about picking up her toys in her room or the family room? You have to start somewhere, right? Even the Obama girls have responsibilities and they have a full-time staff to wait on them hand and foot.

Michelle Obama Reveals Malia's Upcoming Laundry Chores

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  1. I absolutely beleive kids should be doing chores. When I was a nanny I would have Danni put her toys away - and she was two! The younger they start the better for you as a parent. It starts off as fun - the putting the toys away but it instills discipline early on. Don't wait - your children would appreciate this the older they get.



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