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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*Give Away Alert: What's Hiding In YOUR Purse?

Last week I read a posting on Jean Chatzke’s Face Book page that said she was searching for women who had at least $1,000 in their closet. I did not read any further than that but I assumed she was talking about clothing that still had tags on it, items that were not used much which could be sold for money, etc. Reading this prompted me to clean out my purse. I once heard Suzy Orman say on Oprah years ago that your wallet is an indication of how chaotic your life is. I work hard at keeping my purse and wallet clean. Sometimes I do a good job and other times I don’t. I dumped my purse contents on the floor and this is what I found.

I did not find much cash because I usually don’t carry much cash. If I have it available I’ll find silly ways to spend it. Usually I spend it on food because I don’t always want to eat at home. This could explain the few pounds I have put on lately, but I have made conscience effort to select grilled items, salads, and sushi when available. After calling all of the 1-800 or 1-877 numbers on the back of the cards, I discovered that hidden in my purse was $134.77!!

Friday’s $25
Bed Bath & Beyond $20
Bear Bucks $25
Cold Stone Creamery $10
Borders $10
Saks Fifth Avenue $34.77 (down from $250)
Applebees $10

My plans for the gift cards will be to:
  1. Take the kids to Borders this week to pick out a few books
  2. Take Olivia to Cold Stone Creamery and Build-A-Bear Workshop on a Mommy/Daughter Date (they're hers anyway)
  3. The family could go to Friday's for dinner or lunch on an upcoming weekend
  4. Maybe I'll send my husband some of these from Saks Fifth Avenue online
  5. We are in the market for a few kitchen items which is perfect from Bed Bath and Beyond
  6. If you become a "Follower" of my blog or send some friends my way if you're already a follower, I'll enter your name in a raffle to win the Applebees gift card! Every bit counts, right?
Time to clean out your purse/wallet!

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