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Monday, May 17, 2010

Arab-American Crowned Miss USA

Miss Michigan stood out....

I personally did not watch Miss USA last night but tuned into the final 2 minutes as the winner was being named. I scanned the Top 5 and Miss Michigan stood out. I didn't see the evening gown stumble. I didn't hear her Q&A. I didn't see her in swimsuit. I've been in the pageant biz since 2000 and I can pick them pretty well.

The blogs and FB posts are abuzz about how Miss Michigan wasn't their pick for Miss USA. Well folks, it doesn't matter what you think because you weren't asked to judge. One never knows what the judges are looking for or even what the judges are being told what to look for. The fact is the new Miss USA is an Arab-American who was raised in New York and later moved to Dearborn and worked here in the Public Affairs Department. I loved in Dearborn, also known as Little Baghdad, and loved it there. I lived amongst the other Arabic/Muslim residents who celebrated their culture through festivals, delicious food, and music. Sometimes the music was too loud but often ceased around dinner time. I lived and worked in the community during 9/11 and although one the neighborhood homes was raided, I felt safe in my home and community.

This pageant is not one that I support because I prefer competition that promote education and talent, not one whose primary focus is on beauty. I mean, how can the Miss Universe Organization who also produces the Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants deny that their focus is on beauty? Have you seen the photos of their contestants? No way in the world will I encourage my daughter or others to enter this system when the girls are asked to dress and pose as strippers?

Congratulations to Miss Michigan/Miss USA and I hope we don't go through the same drama as we have heard about this system in the past two years. However, Trump is a business man and controversy sells and keeps the ad money coming though doesn't it? However, my support is on the Miss America Scholarship Pageant.

I'm also supporting Miss Greater NYC, Keelie Sheridan, who was my Miss Brooklyn 2009. Yes, I was a pageant director most recently for this Miss American system before my mommy duties took over my life causing me to step down. Help me help her raise money for Children's Miracle Network by clicking here and then clicking on the CMN link on the right column. Donate now! Obama raised millions with just a $5 donation. You too can make a difference in a child's life.

Miss Michigan Wins Miss USA!

*Photos from Huffington Post

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