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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Far....

I have just 10 minutes to wake my son, put on his sneakers and jacket, finish dinner and type this post before I have to leave to pick up my daughter. Let's see what I'm made of.

It's a beautiful day out. The morning started with me awaking at 6:40 a.m. so I could run downstairs to do a 20 minute yoga workout. Before I hit the stairs, I was greeted by my 4 year old who now says good morning before her list of demands begin. When does this girl awake? The bathroom light was on so that's proof she went potty on her own without waking my husband and I to tell us she has to go potty. That took us months to get her to do that. Anyway, I managed to get my workout on, read the morning headlines before tidying the kitchen and taking my daughter her morning OJ. I have 3 minutes left to finish.

So far, I have taken the kids to the library for story/art time, Target for a few items, picked up some lunch (Pizza from Pizza Hut @ Target), dropped my daughter off at pre-k, put my son down for a nap, finished watching yesterday's Oprah with Octomom (this chick is living unrealistically...more on that later), prepared a pork loin something or other which turned my stomach as I removed it from the package (hope it tastes better than it looks), and put on a pot of green beans seasoned with turkey. Oh, I even managed to have a serious convo with the hubby about a few things. Nothing serious. We're still heading for our seven year (itch) anniversary May 3rd.

That's my day thus far in a nutshell. I'm not exhausted but still have to receive the babysitter at 3:30p, file my biz paperwork with the state of NY for my etiquette program, take my daughter to soccer practice (she better play), and get my hair done at 7 p.m. What have you done today? (I went one minute over but I'll still make it to her school in time. I also set my home alarm for any thieves out there.) Shoot...the phone just rang. Thank God for caller ID. Best invention ever...


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  1. Is this what I have to look forward too!?!? OMG, you are amazing!!!



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