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Friday, July 9, 2010

Kids Cottage - Rockville Center

Yesterday, I decided to take a little time to scout locations in Rockville Center for a few events for my husband's campaign and what did I find? THE CUTEST CHILDREN'S STORE EVER!!! I found designers that I didn't know existed. They had an amazing clearance area that went on for days! They also had Fancy Nancy dolls, books, games, and misc. trinkets in her honor. They had Curious George items I had never seen before.

I stayed true to myself and didn't buy anything on impulse. I had one mission and that was to find a location for a fundraiser. However, I did tell the owner that I would definitely be back. I'm a woman of my word so I have to stay true to that as well.

Rockville Center is becoming a dangerous place financially for me. Not only is this where I feed my craving for Home Goods, but it's also where my daughter takes ballet during the summer. Now that I'm adding Kids Cottage to the list....oh boy!

Kids Cottage
14A S. Park Avenue
Rockville Center, NY
(516) 766-5333

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