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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thomas the Tank (Costly) Obsession

I'm still on the fence about giving my son a birthday party. His birthday is June 27 and he will be turning two. He shares the same birthday with my father who will not be turning two on June 27. My son has developed a liking to Thomas the Tank Engine and even goes around the house saying, "choo choo, all aboard" only the way a 23.5 month old can say it. It is absolutely adorable. So how can we not have a Thomas the Tank Engine themed celebration? I suppose we can still celebrate quietly and skip the big to do and he will be just as happy. I think I'm about pooped out when it comes to party planning for the year even though I enjoy having people over.

I did a search for Thomas the Tank cakes and this is what I found. If you look closely you will see the websites where some of these cakes can be found. Aren't they gorgeous???

Love this, but I don't think he'll like the hard frosting.

I could probably replicate this one...ummm, maybe not.

Here is a link you can click on for more idea.

A few years ago, I worked in the Public Affairs Department here. Greenfield Village would host Thomas the Tank Engine for a few days, along with special programming, and the entire village would be littered with small children geard up in Thomas paraphernalia. Screams surrounded the outdoor village as mom's pulled their children kicking and screaming away from the hundreds of costly souvenirs stacked upon tables. This is the image I remembered. I soon learned to stay away from the village during these times because I couldn't bear the large crowds Thomas would draw, of course thanks to the awesome PR and Marketing department.

This would be an awesome present for my son, huh? Unfortunately the dates are incompatible with our schedule for June but September looks good!

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