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Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Classy Lady Gone: RIP Lena Horne

My favorite Lena Horne moment....RIP Ms. Horne.

I've always loved the movie "The Wiz" and found myself singing "Believe in Yourself" in a few pageants as well as the NAACP-ACT SO competition in my teen years. Ms. Horne was a classy lady and so glad she lived as long as she did.

Here's another classic by Lena Horne. I won the title of Miss Ohio Talented Teen and went on to compete in the 1989 Miss Hal Jackson's Talented Teen International Scholarship Pageant in New York City. Miss Wisconsin sang this classic and won the title after performing this song. Such a classic. I think I'll rent this movie this weekend.

To view more of her famous classics, visit and do a search for Lena Horne.
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