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Monday, April 5, 2010

This film was #2 at the box offices grossing over $30 million just behind "Clash of the Titans" (COTT) who grossed $60 million but shown in over 6,000 theatres. WDIGM was shown in over 3700 theaters. Could this be why? My opinion is that COTT appeals to a broader audience, including our household, and WDIGM appeals to the AA+ community haven't seen this film just yet but apparently several of my FB friends have. Each of them have said it was an excellent movie and a must see. We plan to see it this coming weekend. This past weekend was simply way too busy for us. Based on the trailers, I'm thankful that my marriage doesn't have the type of drama I've seen in this film series thus far nor do we have friends who have marriages, that we know of, with this much drama. It does make for great entertainment though. Could it be if you choose a mate wisely, keep an open line of communication, and be as honest as you can be with one another that drama will not find you? I don't know. Your thoughts? I'm just asking....

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